NICHD DASH User Agreement

Available for download as a PDF here: NICHD DASH User Agreement [44 kB]

Terms & Conditions

The Data and Specimen Hub (DASH) system owned by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development is offered as an information and data resource for scientific research.

Users of DASH agree to comply with all terms and conditions of the NICHD DASH User Agreement during the registration process.

By accepting the NICHD DASH User Agreement, you agree:

  • to use NICHD DASH for the purposes of archiving and accessing data obtained from scientific research with the intent of data reuse
  • to use NICHD DASH data for scientific research in an institution with an approved assurance from the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Human Research Protections, and to not use the data for commercial purposes (or sell the data obtained from NICHD DASH)
  • to preserve and protect the confidentiality of, and not attempt to identify, any individuals or households in the data
  • that archived data in NICHD DASH are provided without warranty or liability of any kind
  • to notify the NICHD DASH Administrator of any errors discovered in the archived data
  • to establish safeguards to prevent unauthorized viewing or release of NICHD DASH information or data
  • to comply with any charges that may apply for various services offered by NICHD DASH
  • to ensure that the means of access to NICHD DASH (such as passwords) are kept secure and not disclosed to anyone else
  • that personal data submitted by you are accurate to the best of your knowledge and kept up to date by you
  • that personal data provided by you may be used for administrative management of NICHD DASH and for reporting purposes with the goal of improving services offered by NICHD DASH
  • that any breach of the NICHD DASH User Agreement could lead to termination of your access to the services